How to make photography more awesome with iphone

Clicking the best part of your trip is a memory of lifetime, smart phone cameras are improving day by day and today’s phone cameras are nearly comparable to expensive cameras in market. In one way our smartphone cameras always fall short of our expectations and that is in distance photography. So how can we improve that without having a DSLR, It’s a hardware job and no software can do that for you. you will be very happy to see how this little over the phone lenses makes it possible to improve photography from your phone. These lenses are compact and inexpensive compare to camera, however you cannot compare the result of phone camera with expensive DSLR cameras.

So, lets take a look at some of the over the phone lenses that takes the awesome photographs.

Phocus 3 Lens


Phocus 3 lens kit will turn your phone into camera with it’s awesome result with breaking your pocket, Kit comes with the case that you have to use it while taking photograph. Phocus 3 kit includes 3 lenses, those are telephoto, wide angle and macro, microphone and 3.5mm micro adapter. you can use this with tripod easily. you can access all of your smartphone button easily even with the case on to operate your smartphone’s regular features. Phocus 3 lens kit doesn’t come with fish eye lens, you have to buy it from market. This kit gives awesome stability and photography result while taking the photos and its only $129.

Olloclip lens


olloclip 4 In 1 lens is one of the bestseller over the phone lens because of its quality and size. Kit comes with Fisheye lens, wide angle lens, 10x macro and 15x macro. This lens make all that photography possible for you that your smartphone’s camera can’t. Lenses are so compact and small that you can keep into your pocket. There are no extra accessories needed to attach this lens you can switch it easily just in seconds to capture for favorite scene.